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Let our team of engineering & domain experts assist you in solving your design, engineering & business challenges

Data Center CFD Simulation

Solve the complex airflow, thermal & noise management issues inside & around the small to hyper scale data centers using CFD and improve the PUE of your data center facility

Computational Fluid Dynamics

We support wide range of applications across all industry verticals be it single phase or multi-phase, steady, or transient, moving or rotating, heat transfer or mass transfer, chemical kinetics or combustion etc., we have got it all covered for you

Finite Element Analysis

Structural issues may change or completely damage any product. Let us decode all strength, vibrations, thermal, fatigue & durability, impact & drop, rotordynamics, multibody-dynamics etc. related challenges

Computational Electromagnetics

As the world advances to a digital path, more & more applications are getting electrified, connected & autonomous. Let us compliment you in addressing the electromagnetic issues in devices like motors, transformers, power electronics, PCBs, antennas, ECUs etc.

Computational Acoustics

Sound is one of the most common, yet complex phenomena which can change the experience of any product. We can help you in optimizing the sound level for any and all your applications utilizing high-fidelity simulations

AI, ML, AR & VR in Acoustics

Let us empower your CAE processes with trending technologies of AI, ML, AR & VR to revolutionize the impact of simulation in product development processes and lifecycles, by increasing the efficiency, productivity & immersive experience

Digital Twin

Connect the real-world sensor data and physics-based simulation data to produce accurate, predictive models of a product to address challenges such as downtime, throughput, quality and flexibility throughout the manufacturing & operational stages of a product

Business Process Automation

Automate any process to improve operational efficiency and make your business process simple by utilizing the AI/ML-Powered Platform enabling intelligent workflows, dynamic dashboards, interactive reports and enterprise grade security & encryption

Product Design

Electric Motors

  • Induction Sq. Cage motor,
  • Induction motor wound type,
  • IPM, Line Start IPM,
  • PMSYN, Axial Flux,

Industrial Valves

  • Globe Valve, Gate Valve,
  • Butterfly Valve,
  • Double & Triple Offset Valves,
  • Pressure Independent Control Valve,
  • Balancing Valves etc.

Centrifugal Pumps

  • End-suction pumps, split casing pumps,
  • Submersible pumps,
  • vertical turbine pumps,
  • Single stage or multi-stage pumps,
  • mixed flow pumps, screw pumps etc.

Pressure Vessels

  • all types of static equipment like
  • Columns, Vessels, Tanks,
  • Heat exchangers and Reactors
  • Complying to codes like

Mixing Tanks, Agitators & Reactors

  • Any type of stirred tank with
  • Top & Bottom dish types of Elliptical or Torispherical, Conical or Hemispherical,

Software Solutions



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